Bridge Jazz Club at Exeter Phoenix

The Bridge Jazz Club is a popular monthly jazz night which I host  at Exeter Phoenix. The usual format is an opening set from me on saxophone with a guest rhythm section followed by an open mic/jam session. Sometimes I play double bass and have one of the bands I work with play the opening set. 


There are a limited number of seats at £10 each and these are sold in advance. There are no tickets on the door.

Jammers: see information below.

Coming up:

Wed 2nd Feb 8.30pm: Pete Canter & Friends + jam/ open-mic session. Seats limited. Advance reservations only. Seats £10 on sale from 10th January. For booking details, email 

Pete Canter saxophone, Philip Clouts keys, Kevin Sanders double bass, Russell Collins drums.

A telephone number for each group will be needed by Exeter Phoenix for track & trace purposes. Unless exempt you must wear a mask when moving about the building and at all times unless you are seated and eating or drinking. 

Sun 6th March 2pm: Pete Canter & Friends + special guest Rob O’Neale trumpet + jam/ open-mic session. Seats limited. Advance reservations only. Seats £10 on sale from 3rd Feb. For booking details, email 

Pete Canter saxophone, Rob O’Neale trumpet, Gavin Martin keys, Valere Speranza double bass, Matt Evans drums.

Wed 6th April 8.30pm: Guest band Sketch + jam/open mic session. Seats limited. Advance reservations only. Seats £10 on sale from 7th March. For booking details, email 

James Shipway guitar, Marius Rudnick flute, Pete Canter double bass, Gary Evans congas & drums, Peter Tamblyn keys.

Information for jammers

Musicians wanting to take part in the jam session should bring concert charts for the rhythm section and sign up on the jammer’s sheet when they arrive. Depending on how many people want to play, players of front line instruments might expect to play 1 or 2 tunes. There is often a mass rendition of the blues or a jazz standard or two to close the evening. The Bridge Jazz Club welcomes players of all levels of experience and makes everyone welcome. Singers and instrumentalists should bring their own microphones and leads. There is a small monitor amp suitable for vocals, flutes etc. There is no amp for guitars so you need to bring one.

Jammers places are limited and sold in advance. Although it is usually first come, first served, I sometimes allocate slots based on balance of instruments and to achieve variety from month to month. Jammers seats are half price.

Singers, please note this is a jazz jam session so please bring along jazz standards, not pop or show tunes. Charts for keys and bass should be in the form of lead sheets with just melody and chord symbols. This will ensure that there is scope for one or more of the musicians to solo.  Lead sheets usually fit on 1 or 2 sides of A4.  If you aren’t sure if your tune and the chart you have for it are suitable, please email a copy in advance to me at so I can tell you.

Support the Bridge Jazz Club:

The Bridge Jazz Club stays afloat and is able to pay the house band and the room hire at Exeter Phoenix from the proceeds of the door charge. You can support the club and help ensure that it continues to thrive by turning up to listen as often as you can and by encouraging your friends to come along too. We also appreciate help with setting up and putting away chairs and tables.

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