Double Bass

As well as his main instrument the saxophone, Pete plays double bass. He originally took up the instrument with the aim of playing with a classical orchestra and he joined the double bass section of the excellent EMG Symphony Orchestra in 2013. Pete studied classical playing with several teachers including Yuri Goloubev and continued to play with the orchestra until 2016. Since then he has concentrated on playing jazz bass and has gone on to do gigs with excellent young jazz guitarist Kyle Norgate, with multi-instrumentalist Marius Rudnick, and with other local jazz musicians. Pete will be playing bass as well as saxophone at Calstock Arts on 28th Sept in a Gallery Bar Special with pianist Peter Tamblyn and again with Peter at Ashburton Arts on 14th October.

Kyle Norgate guitar & Pete Canter double bass, Butterleigh Inn Sept 2017
Pete with Finnish double bassist Teppo Hauta-aha shortly after playing Pete’s original composition Koivu ja Kataja. Photo courtesy of Katrien Bos


EMG double bass section in rehearsal






EMG Symphony Orchestra in concert The Great Hall, University of Exeter Nov 2014. Photo courtesy of Nigel Cheffers-Heard & Paula Fernley






















Jazz, double bass, Devon U.K.